March 29, 2010


I think we're getting in a real rhythm now...knock on wood...Avery is getting very consistent on times she's eating during the day, Grace is napping a little earlier and longer(which is a huge help), and I'm not having to get up so often at night!!!

Some things are surreal...SLEEP is one of them. It was like 3 months before I got a consistent 7 or 8 hrs of sleep with Grace. Just the other night, Avery went almost 8hrs between feedings.

SIZE...Avery was 8 lbs at 1 month, Grace only 6 lbs...Avery is now in 0-3,3month clothes....Grace was around 6 or 7 months old!

It's amazing how different they are already. Avery likes to be snug in her swaddle blanket and upright. Grace loved being bounced and on her belly. They do both have the screaming down pat!! Both girls go from 0-10 in a few seconds flat as infants, but Avery seems so far to calm down much easier, but we'll see if that sticks. Both girls have loved to have a passy before falling asleep and HATE getting their diapers changed.

Since Grace grew out of pretty much all of her finicky things as a toddler and has become very easy going. We're wondering since Avery is easy going now if that means she will be more difficult later....only time will tell.

We got up and out to Heart Change this morning. SOOO good to be back in the swing of things. I didn't teach this morning, but got to pray the prayer of salvation with a lady for the first time in her life!!! This was a huge blessing and honor to get to do. Avery was getting fussy right when we were getting ready to pray and I prayed that God would calm her while we prayed and she totally fall asleep facing outward and unswaddled as we prayed! (THANK YOU Jesus for your answer to prayer)

One of the main things the lady was concerned about is how to know which church or things are telling you the truth about God and I felt like He really showed up in our conversation. I really hope that she understands the choice she made today and knows that she's not alone in her walk. So many of the women have been hurt and betrayed by a ton of people in their lives, it makes it really hard to trust in something they can't see. So, I'm hoping that she is able to just take baby steps in getting to know Him. He is soooo worth it!!

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