February 27, 2010

the honeymoon is OVER!!

So it was amazing while it lasted, but I'm sad to say it's OVER! Grace is cutting about 5 teeth all at once, getting into absolutely everything she never did before, and really trying our patience. Avery is well just being a normal newborn. She is coming out of the baby coma,which is awesome to hang out with her but hard when Grace is running to the other end of the house with something she's not supposed to have or trying to plug in something in the only outlet that doesn't have a stopper in it...for who knows what reason!!!

They are both just being normal and not terrible, but it just makes a day seem a little longer and makes us go to bed instead of staying up for that extra show or Olympic event.

Matt said tonight at dinner as he laid his head back in his chair, "man, I've been on my feet all day!" And of course I added, "me too." But he claims since I went to the grocery store and Once Upon a Child I got a break!! I just laugh cause I know that I don't ever really get much of a break, but it's fine cause at least he's willing to be on his feet all day to help and he does an awesome job with the girls. He had them during afternoon naps today and Grace woke up screaming after 30 min because of her teeth and couldn't go back to sleep after he rocked her for awhile and gave her teething tablets. Poor kid, I can't imagine getting 5 teeth at once.

So yeah, we're doing really well overall just adjusting to our new normal.

P.S. Grace figured out how to climb on top of the kitchen table in about 2 minutes time, so if she comes over please keep your chairs pushed up to the table. She waits for us to leave a chair out so she can climb up there again!

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