February 23, 2010

Notes to self

Having a day under my belt I have made some mental notes and thought I better put them in writing as well so I will remember them!

1. Never assume the older child will get up when you think she will so you can get other things done....Grace woke up as soon as I unwrapped Avery this morning, who needed to be nursed right away

2. Check your newborn's diaper at each feeding...letting a wet diaper add up and then having a huge dirty on top of that doesn't fair well :)

3. Don't leave your older child alone with a bowl of spaghetti that she's not into eating and wants to play with while you change a diaper.

4. If you realize that while you're changing the younger one's diaper it's gonna take a few extra wipes and an outfit change and could take a minute...take a glance at the older one cause she might have decided to SMEAR THE SPAGHETTI ALL OVER HERSELF,HER CHAIR, and HER HAIR all because she had the chance to while you were away :) :)

5. Don't assume a day will ever go the way you think it should go, but that's TOTALLY fine. It's in these moments and days you make your life story and realize that's what being a mom is all about.

In my interesting first day with the girls, I realized how lucky I already am to have both girls and excited to see what tomorrow has in store.

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