March 3, 2010

20 months and so grown up :)

Grace turns 20 months today!! She is such a bundle of joy and energy. She climbs all over and loves her sister soo much. She tries really hard to be gentle and keep her distance, but sometimes she just doesn't have it in her and she MUST touch with force or jab the pacifier in her mouth :)

Nana and Max will be here Friday through the following Monday!! We're soo excited to see them, so ok I'm selfishly so excited cause I'll have tons of help with the girls and Nana is planning on stocking our extra freezer with meals!!!!

We're still doing great overall minus a few fits here and there due to cutting teeth and trying to get into things, but hey it's all part of it and we're learning. I was amazed to see how well both girls did today when we went to Trader's Point to play, Paradise Bakery for lunch, Avery's dr appt, Babies R Us to exchange our diaper bag, and home again and both are currently napping great and I'm still sane and want to go out again in the near future :)

Avery, by the way, now weighs 7lb 5oz and is 20.5in long at 2 weeks and 1 day! I am so proud of her as well because we came home about 1.5 weeks ago and she was 6lb 5oz and 18.5in long, so this kid is growing up fast also!!!! I still can't get over how blessed I am to have these 2 amazingly healthy and beautiful girls!!!

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