February 4, 2010

19 months

These last 19 months have been some of the best and hardest times of my life. Becoming a mom should be easy right, I mean billions have done it. Well there are lots that come "naturally" but there is SOO much that doesn't. The manual hasn't exactly shown up in the mail, so we're still wingin' it til it does. But somehow God has shown us just how to raise this precious little girl....uh oh the hormones might kick in...tears are close.

She is the sweetest, but one of the toughest little girls. She loves life and people. She is enamored with her daddy and dog Bailey. She works hard to learn how to do new things and likes to be independent as well as cuddle up with a book on your lap at a drop of a hat. Her laugh melts me and her smile makes ALL of the struggles to raise her completely worth it.

She is currently cutting 3 teeth :) She is still a great eater and happy go lucky unless you mess with her baby doll or cell phone! She's loves to "pat"/smack my belly to say hi to her sister Avery and get into all of Avery's things that are now put out. (never really wanted to be in the swing when it was her she can't get enough)

So, God, thank you for an amazing 19months with Grace all to ourselves and here's to many more months with 2 precious little girls :)

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