January 29, 2010

Houston we have progress!!

The doc said we're at 1cm and 25% effaced!(37 wks 3days) She's guessing Avery is now between 5.5 and 6.5lbs...thinks she'll be in the high 6's by delivery. She also mentioned she's not delivering babies this weekend through Tuesday so tell Avery to hold her horses just a little bit longer...and the pediatrician is out of town til next Friday!!

Either way we're just so excited that she is growing well and getting more baking time! We'd LOOOVE for her to hang out with us in recovery and come home right away with us. My only other thing to get done is finding her a baby blanket. I registered for a really nice one for Grace and got it embroidered with her birth info on it and I want to do the same for Avery. I've picked up a few blankets at rummage sales, but now that I'm all emotional about her finally being here I want her to have a special blanket that she can have for a long time also.

So, I'm planning on spending some time on Etsy to try and find a unique one for her :) Then in the morning my mom and I are going to get out and do some returning of things and walking to help get some exercise and encourage some progression.

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