January 2, 2010

33.5wks pregnant = always knowing where a bathroom is :)

So the two friends who were pregnant with me at church that I see on a regular basis have now had their babies, one of Grace's nursery teachers had her baby, Avery's room is ready minus a few wall decorations, I'm 33 wks and 4 days. What else has to happen before I have her? NOT MUCH!!!!

I got an amazing deal on diapers this weekend. Each pack of diapers that I normally buy without a coupon are $11.99,which I usually only buy when I have a $2 off coupon and reward bucks from Babies R Us. HOWEVER, Babies R Us/Toys R Us was having an awesome sale on our diapers this weekend. They were running a special of $5 a pack!!!! So first thing Friday morning Matt and I head out to Babies R Us and Toys R Us to stock up on diapers for both girls. The ad says only 3 per guest. So we each get three at Babies R Us and head to Toys R Us. They have tons and we take as many as they have out and ask the nice girl if she wouldn't mind letting us do separate transactions so that we can buy multiple sets of 3 packs. She says, "sure and I think I have a coupon you can use!" She totally pulls out the sales ad that is in the stores and there's a $2 off coupon that she allows us to use for one group of 3 packs!! (makes them $3 each!!!!...originally $11.99) So ask her if we go to the back and get more from the stock shelves would she care and she says, "No go ahead." Matt and I leave there with 21 packs of diapers in multiple sizes and just grinning from ear to ear knowing we have saved ourselves more than we actually spent!!!!

So then I think hmm who else would be willing to go and find us some at their I call my mom and mother-in-law in Texas who will be visiting when Avery is born. They BOTH say sure and I tell them about the coupon. My mom lands 9 packs with the coupon for $30 and the lady at her store gives her 5 extra coupons to use at another store if she my mom and I are at Sam's today getting groceries and she says here's more coupons if you want to try and get more if they have any left....I say, "SURE let's go!" We head to Babies R Us and they are COMPLETELY out of all sizes and we're like dang what are the chances Toys R Us will have any. I mean their known for toys not baby stuff and if the baby store is out surely they're out......WRONG!!!

We go into Toys R Us and they have 5 packs up front and then like 3 or 4 on the extra stock shelves. Then I think what the heck let's ask if there's any in the back. I totally get the right guy cause he's got the inventory scanner in his hand and checks and comes out with two more cases for us (4 packs each) this point my mom and I are so pumped we can't hardly stand we have 6 - $2 off coupons!!!

We snag some more coupons at the register and explain to the lady what we're attempting to do and she says, "SURE!!" She's so excited for us and we just gitty each time she rings up three packs of diapers for $10.05 including tax!!!! ($11.99 each regular price) I walk out of there with 16 packs of diapers for $53.59(with tax)....regularly priced that would have been $205.27(with tax)!!!!!!!!

I AM ON CLOUD NINE!!!! I love a good deal, but this is a monster of a deal. Both Grace and Avery's top shelf of their closet is stacked to the ceiling for about half of the closet. It looks obnoxious to most, but such a blessing to me. Considering what it would have been like to buy two kids diapers for the first months of Avery's life. Grace is set for about 6-7 months (might get us near to potty training age)and we'll see how fast Avery uses hers. Matt's mom is bringing her a stash she got yesterday as well when she comes in February as well. She had already bought 6 packs at Christmas and I got 4 free with my rewards' bucks :)

Ok, enough about diapers but still on Friday..... Matt was kind enough to suggest that we take a look at sectional couches on New Year's Day after our big hoopla with diapers!!!!!! This is so exciting in my world because I've been wanting a larger couch for a LONG time. The one that I rushed and convinced him to buy for our house is just too small and not that comfy. We have people and kids over a lot and we can't all sit near each other with half the group on the floor or in bean bag chairs. So we go in to Kittle's and their having a 1/2 off sale!!! Well before we went in, Matt and I prayed we would be on one accord and that God would give us both a peace about whether to buy anything or walk away. He did just that. We got with a great sales guy who wasn't pushy, gave us time to talk and answered our questions and even showed us less expensive ones that we thought he would. So, within an hour, we picked out fabric and ordered a great sectional!!!! This never happens with us. Matt likes to take his time and make the best decision possible, but he knew that it was good quality, a great price and I loved it. He'd promised me that part of him getting a promotion would mean I could get a sectional this year. I never thought it would work out this quickly!!! So I have a TON of diapers in the girls closets and a super comfy and cute couch coming to my house in about 4 weeks to prop up my tired body, and SOOO excited to be having another baby in about 6 weeks!!!!

Avery is moving well and I'm starting to have to take it easy and sit down more often. I'm glad that it's winter and I'm not swelling really yet, but still have a hard time sleeping at the end like I did with Grace, but I'm able to nap well when I lay myself down :) and Grace is asleep.

We're all set just ready to have good family time with Grace these next few weeks, gets lots of rest so Avery can continue to grow healthy and strong and see when God is done forming her and sends her out! Her full name will be Avery Claire Tenney and she is due to come Feb 16th. I am going to try a V-Bac, but if I don't go into labor myself by Feb 16th they will take her via c-section for safety reasons. Also, they will not induce me at any point to start the v-bac for safety reason, which is totally fine with me. We're happy to have her whichever way is best for her and I. We'll we delivering again at Clarian North (the spa). It's a wonderful place and hopefully there's not too much snow that day!!

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