December 27, 2009

Christmas Weekend

We've a fun FILLED Christmas this year. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day at our house with my mom and brothers. Then we headed to Muncie to be with my dad and my mom's extended family. Then today we met up with friends for lunch and a my second set of "parents" this afternoon. Grace was REALLY worn out by this afternoon and slept the whole way home. It took us 2 hours instead of 1 because of the snow. So, here's some photos from the last few days.

This is Grace and my dad (I can't get it turn the right way sorry)

My mom and Grace making cookies

Grace right before her Christmas bath...she rubbed her yummy dinner all over her hair. She and mommy ate a TON of it!!!

My brother Nathan celebrated his 22nd birthday on Christmas day!

Before our traditional white elephant gift exchange my uncle Brian came out as Bad Santa...complete with a fox skin around his neck!!

Grace loving the packing pellets..thank you Uncle Bill

Matt did an awesome job this year with gifts....he picked a name for baby #2. We negotiated it down to three and he got to make the final decision. He took a few weeks and just a few days before Christmas just before we fell I asleep with me very hormonal I said, "when is our daughter going to have a name?" Matt said, "when the time is right." He had totally already decided and had gotten a Christmas card at that point. On Christmas night at dinner after someone said, "so does the baby have a name yet?" He went to the tree and pulled out the card. It was such a cute card and I pulled up the heart in the card and the name Avery Claire Tenney was there!!! So, our next daughter will be known as Avery. I'm really excited about this choice and love it!!

So, with only 7 weeks to go, Avery's necessities are ready in her room, her sister has all the baby stuff of her own to keep her busy while her sister is being nursed,etc and I just need to put up some wall stickers and letters on her wall(now that she has a name :) and she's welcome to show up....that is AFTER 37 weeks or so!!! Crazy to think I am already at 33 weeks on Tuesday!

I feel so blessed to have had such a great Christmas holiday and getting closer to becoming a mom for a second time :)

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  1. Love the name!! Great pics too! Looks like Grace had a great Christmas. Hope you are enjoying the snow!