December 21, 2009

love this time of year

Matt's parents were here this weekend, so we got to have an early Christmas. Grace really got good at opening. I had wrapped all the packs of diapers Matt's mom had gotten her thinking more she could open would be fun. After the first pack she realized what they were, so every package after that that she saw the yellow she would put it right down and want another one to open. She got lots of great stuff and still has 2 more Christmas's to go!

Three of us cousins on my mom's side are pregnant. We had another cousin who just had a little girl about a month ago. I'm at 32 wks, Hannah's at 30 wks, and Anna is 19wks. Grace and I went to Muncie Sunday for Hannah's baby shower.

This is all the family that was able to gather before the shower to say hey. Our official family gathering is on the 26th, but some will be missing.

These are a few pictures of Grace in the last few weeks. Her personality is blossoming every day. She LOVES to walk all around all day long and she'll go and get any item you name. She also loves stopping to talk and sing at the Christmas tree. Her and Bailey are on a whole new friendship level....Bailey's getting the short end of the stick.

Still only 2 teeth, but she's not letting it hold her back from eating pretty much whatever you put in front of her. I am so excited to introduce her sister to her in 8 weeks. I am nervous about how the transition will go, but can tell that Grace has a good demeanor about her and we'll make it through.

About the only position she could be in once mommy bundled her up!!

Why is this stuff so cold??

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  1. psst! i'm actually 19 weeks! thats a whole month :)