December 11, 2009

being sick is horrible when pregnant

Ok, it's one thing to have a head cold or just not feel good when you're pregnant, but it's a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME when your pucking and this far along. Tuesday night I had a fantastic speghetti meal with our old small group. It was complete with salad, cheesy garlic bread, and brownies. I ate a ton of it and then we got wouldn't settle at all. And I thought no biggy I'll just stay right here on the couch and it will settle at some point. And then it hit a ton of bricks...I"M GOING TO THROW UP!!!

Now I'll spare you the details of the entire night, but this went on about every few hours til about 5 in the morning!! It was TERRIBLE and I could've sworn this baby was going to demand I let her out of there cause she was kicking up a storm and not helping things at all. I was really worried about her, but she and I survived our terrible night.

Matt was such a trooper and emptied the trash can for me each time I had an episode and got up to get me water and juice.

Crazy thing is, no one else who ate this meal was bothered by it....just the pregnant lady!! So, note to self: even though it's REALLY yummy and you think you can eat tons of it....TAKE IT EASY!!!

Finally at about 90-95% today and resting is helping a lot, but man I don't wish that on anyone, EVER!

On a happier note, only a little under 10 weeks to go!!!

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  1. I'm so sorry you got sick! I was worried that something was wrong with the meal, but you're right, we were fine over here!! I'm sorry such a fun night ended so badly!!