December 5, 2009

This kid's smart!

Grace is really getting smart. She turned 17 months on Thursday. She's to the point where you can say things like, "let's get in your chair for lunch" and she walks to her chair. If you say let's go take a bath, rest time, or go upstairs she goes right to the gate on the stairs. She knows where her nose, toes, mouth and ears are. She will clean up a mess when she's done. She will even clean off every single scrap off of her tray and hand it to you when she's done eating!

She will also lose touch if you take something away she's not supposed to have, ask her to share when she doesn't want to, or refuse to give her something she wants off of a counter or table....oh wait that's normal drama!!

Ok, so she's our first and I have had a lot of time with her in the last few weeks so she's probably just normal, but it's really neat for me to see my offspring acting like a toddler already.

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  1. Was just clicking "next blog" and came across yours. You are totally allowed to toot your own kid's horn! It's part of the mommy job description. It's so much fun watching them grow into toddlers isn't it? My son is 20 months now and it's amazing to see all that he does and understands. He loves to copy my husband and I too so we're really having to be aware of how much of a role model weare to him. Have a merry Christmas!