November 25, 2009

God is always faithful

We've been praying for a few weeks now about a job offer that Matt was pursuing. Because he is not in need of a new job we weren't sure about it all. We just kept praying would make it abundantly clear either way.

Well, there was a slip up on the new companies part(they mentioned Matt's name when asking for permission to negotiate with an employee), which led his current company Interactive to realize that they could be losing a valuable employee... and as the VP and managers had just discussed in a meeting three days before that, there were many people in or around Matt's position that were getting to a point of wanting some change in the structure. So they brainstormed, talked with HR and then were able to make a "counter offer" to Matt the other day.

This offer is very comparable salary wise to the new company, but it also has much more career potential with it. It is a very clear answer to the prayers. So then he had the fun job of calling the other company today to talk to the manager about what she could do to match the counter offer, and as soon as he said he had had a talk with his VP she said, "there's nothing I can offer you that can compete with what Interactive can." She is a Christian and she and Matt have built a great friendship due to his active involvement with her company being a customer of Interactive's. She was very honest and told Matt that he would be silly not to stay and take their offer because coming to her company would be for one specific position and there wouldn't be much past that.

We're amazed at how God worked it all out in this timing. We don't believe Interactive would have offered Matt such a promotion salary wise had they not known about what he was being offered elsewhere. Through all of this he has a clearer idea of how valued he really is at Interactive as well as how amazing God's timing and sovereignty is.

I'm just sure glad that he's happy to stay at Interactive and things won't be as tight as we add another munchkin to the mix.

We went to my 28wk appt. today and she is doing well. She still doesn't have a name, but we're getting closer. I mean really we have til about 48hrs after she's born right??



  1. That is awesome news. Congrats to Matt! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Good to hear Matt! You derserve it! Any pointers for me and my Interactive?
    FYI- Elli did not have a name for 2 days! I really was about to call her "Baby girl"!
    She will appreciate that you took your time to give her the perfect name.