November 21, 2009

I LOVE fall weather!!

LOVING this weather!! This is our attempt at a photo shoot that she's VERY mobile.




I could've sworn I was bigger than this. I sure feel bigger! I'm feeling good. I'm almost 28 weeks and SOOO excited to bring home another baby just starting to dread waking up in the middle of the night to feed again, but only for a season. She MIGHT have a name stay tuned!

Three of us girls who are in the same small group circle. (left to right) Me @24wks(2nd baby), Mandy @31 wks(first baby), and Joy @36wks(second baby).
Joy has now had her little boy, Lincoln (in 3 hrs start to finish I might add). She didn't know what she was having before. She had him only a few days early after having her first son 5 weeks early. We're both on the Progesterone shot to help prevent preterm births and it worked for her so there's more hope for me!!
Mandy in the middle is due Dec 31st and this will be her first and it's a surprise what it is. We're hoping to get a shot of us all with our newborns whenever I have mine in February.

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