November 19, 2009

First haircut

Grace and I both got our hair cut today. She went first and loved it. She only looked around while she was getting ready and spraying her hair. As soon as she started talking to her and started cutting her hair she sat perfectly still and smiled a lot. I know she doesn't have that much to cut, but I wanted to encourage it to grow.

She's REALLY into walking. She walks most of the day with a purse or something with a handle in her hand. Matt loves that she's into accessories so early....more like worried he's gonna need another job!!

She also loves being a "naked baby". Whenever you take her shirt off she grins from ear to ear and rubs her belly and wants you to tickle her.

PS This cross is no longer in one piece. She hasn't mastered how to carry things with much weight to them while walking.

You always know where she's been.

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