January 5, 2010

our little cook

Grace thinks she's cooking a masterpiece about everyday. She can't seem to get it just right so she keeps putting it back in the oven OVER and OVER again!! She's funny to watch and loves bringing what she's made to taste it OVER and OVER again!!

She turned 18months on Sunday and is a delight. She's sleeping well, loves to play with or without someone, likes to sit on your lap and sing or read a book, still only has 2 teeth down front,but makes up for it in her spunkiness. She's getting good at throwing herself on the floor when she's devistated you took something away! She enjoyed her first taste of toilet water yesterday...devastated that I shut the lid and the bathroom door of course. She loves to hide behind the curtains so Bailey will come and find her. And lastly, she likes to pull up my shirt when I say, "where is mommy's baby." She pats Avery and will sometimes give her a kiss. Quite cute we'll see what she thinks of her once she's out!!

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