November 5, 2009

Hard News

I got a phone call last night from my mom about 10pm that my step dad and brother had been in a bad car accident and there was a chance my step dad had passed and brother Benji had been life-lined to Ft Wayne hospital. These facts were true and we are now in the Ft. Wayne hospital in the Ronald McDonald house. My brother Benji is doing great. He is now on his way to surgery for a foot fracture. He has several broken bones that are minor such as facial, finger, and arm. He has no internal damage and no brain injury. He just found out this morning that his dad didn't make it so he's very angry and upset because he feels like he caused it. His dad was bringing him back from Muncie because Benji had to come down a few weeks ago for a court date and Connie his dad was picking him back up to take him to Elkhart where Benji was staying to try and get his life back together.

We're praying as a family that God is able to get a hold of Benji and he would truely surrender his life to Him. I cherish all of your prayers. I am doing well and just trying to process all of this while staying calm for the baby inside of me. We're going on about 3 hours of sleep, but now have a nice bed and "house" to stay in as a those pop tabs, we're benefiting HUGELY from what they go towards. We are staying here for free with all sorts of food, internet access, and space to be a family in a very hard time.

Matt is home with Grace and not sure how to take it all and worried about me and work. So, please just pray that we feel God's peace and trust in Him for each moment.

This is all we know so far, I'll keep updating the blog as the days come.


  1. So sorry, I just wish these things never had to happen- prayers and thoughts of peace and comfort are with you and your family

  2. Amy, I am praying for your whole family to find His peace in this horrible event. If Matt needs a break from Grace- would love to help out anytime.

  3. Amy, I am so sorry. I knnow that it has been a very long time since we have talked, but if you or your family need anything, you let me know. My heart is with you and your family. You take care of yourself and your baby.

  4. Ms. Brenda L. MarshallNovember 6, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    Amy, You know I'm here for you and your family. Lean and Depend on God, as you go through this time of sorrow. Remember God is soooo kind and He cares about what happens to us. Even though it may seem alittle trying right now, know that the Bible states in Isa. 26:3, "Thy WILL keep you in PERFECT Peace, If you keep your mind stayed on him". Love you and please let me know if you need anything. P.S. Please give your Mom and Benji a hug for me.