September 4, 2009

pics for non-facebooker's

Sorry my pregnancy brain is getting the best of me lately. I've been posting pics on Facebook and not here and things here and not Facebook. Grace has grown up so much in the last few months. She is getting braver about trying to walk on her own. Her first tooth has barely broke the surface, but it's huge progress!

She is pretty laid back and doesn't mind being dropped off at places. One of her MOPS teachers said she talked the whole time and thought about things a lot. I think Matt's engineer side is coming out. She is always trying to fit things inside of things, including herself and does play great by herself.

We went to our neighbor's farm the other day and she rode a horse with Addy all by herself...well Trish held the lead,but she sat still and bounced and had a good ole time!

This is what happens the majority of the time now a days. She craws right to the camera and grabs it!

p.s. Grace turned 14 months yesterday I'll try and get some still shots this weekend.

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