May 9, 2009

Dang it's hot!!!!

So life is going much better now that we're here in Houston and rested. Grace did great on the plane. She's LOVED all the attention at Nana and Max's house and has been worn out each night and not woken up once after she's put down for the night. She's take long naps and pretty easy going....except for tonight when all went out for Matt's parents retirement family dinner and my brother Jason watched her. She cried for nearly 2.5 hrs off and on!!! So he's already told his fiance they aren't having kids for LONG time!

This is Grace helping me pack the other day! She now knows how to open and pour out the puffs container, so don't let her have it unless you want them all over the floor.

They say things are always bigger in Texas...but they fail to mention that by 7am it's already in the 70's and at 10pm it's still in the 80's!!! We're having a great time INSIDE!!!

We did get out the pool today and let Grace have her first experience. She loved it. She really likes to splash and lean over the edge. Why do they always want out of what you've put them in??

Being here in Houston with no real agenda other than attending a family dinner and reception Monday has really helped me to slow down and get centered again. I still can't believe I attend a funeral of someone my age this week, but each day is a little easier. She definately made an impact on my life that I'll never forget.

On a happy note, this is my new favorite picture below!!!

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