May 21, 2009

Warning: this contains lots of pictures :)

We're back (Grace and I..Matt comes home tomorrow night at midnight) and somewhat back to normal. We all had a great time, but so glad to be back in our own beds. A few days before we left, I realized she had had enough and started not sleeping very well, but now she seems to sigh as she is laid in her crib knowing she's home again.

We made a trip to the zoo while we were in Houston.

Grace and her cousins John, Colin, and Beth.

Grace and I on Mother's Day.

Nana and Grace on Mother's Day.

Sweet little Grace made a huge discovery last night....(see video below)....and has been using it to make life a little tougher.

I'm not the cook in the house, so Grace and I have been eating a lot of spaghetti this week :)

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