May 2, 2009

lots to deal with

Friday we noticed that our refrigerator was reading 69 degrees and our freezer was getting colder and colder. We had made plans to leave to visit my family a few hours after this so a lot to get accomplished in a short amount of time.

We get to Muncie and realize that Grace has fever and is even more fussy and miserable that she had been all day. She slept fine all day and then she had a horrible night of sleep that night.

We're driving back from a great visit but miserable for Grace and I get news that a friend and college roommate/teammate was killed in a car wreck today. I was just talking about her the other day and just couldn't believe what I was being told on the phone. It didn't really hit me until the same friend called back to tell me that it had just been on the news. Autumn who passed today has had the roughest journey in life and for it to end this way is just so hard to swallow.

I don't know how all of these events will work themselves out yet,but just trusting that God does and He'll walk me through them.

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