November 2, 2008


Grace was dedicated at church this morning. With the time change and all the ruckus at our house this morning she had a tough go of it all, but recovered this afternoon. She didn't get much good sleep this morning so it made it hard for her to stay happy, but there were plenty of people to hold her to keep her happy!

(this is my dad)

I highly recommend LA Cafe's brunch. We love taking people there because it is so good. We have thoroughly enjoyed having Matt's parents here this weekend. My parents and my youth pastor from high school and his family joined us today as well.
(this is their middle daughter Marissa)
Today it hit me again how much of a blessing and responsibility Grace is. The bookmarks they gave us at church had the explanation of what the dedication means on it and it was really powerful to see it put into words all on one page of what our job as parents really is. I am thankful to have a loving and supportive family and church to help us along the way cause we are really gonna need it!

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