November 5, 2008

4 months old!

Grace turned 4 months old on Monday. We went to the doctor and she weighs 11 lb 10 oz and 23 inches long. Dr. McCollum said she looks great and is thrilled that she doesn't have to eat during the night and going about 11-12 hours....I'm still working on getting her to sleep straight through. I know that this is something that will come, but I'm trying to help her if I can....I've been giving her the passy whenever she wakes up during the night (usually 2-4 times a night) and I'm wondering if she is becoming dependent on it. I am trying tonight for the first time to unswaddle her arms and see if she can keep her passy in better this way. She did sleep better at nap time today with her arms out cause she was holding her passy in as she fell asleep....we shall see!

I got her to giggle for the first time yesterday and now I can't get her to do it again. I think she's thinking about it too much and it won't come out. She is definately ticklish all over.

I just want to say thanks for all of you who are always encouraging me and checking up on her. I really appreciate it. Staying home with her can get boring at times and overwhelming at other times, so thank you for the support and being an ear to listen. I'm working hard at being content and thankful. I know that too often I want more, more, more and need to work on this. Having to take each day as it comes I know is helping me to slow down and enjoy the gift that each day holds.

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