October 13, 2008

weekend fun

We had an eventful Saturday evening. We went to a chili cookoff and haunted hayride in Brownsburg. Our friends Billy and Rachel entered the cookoff and did a CSI theme. They're booth and chili were awesome!

We stood in line for about an hour to ride the "scary" version of the hayride and it was well worth it. Matt was nice enough to walk around with Grace in the stroller while she slept so that I could go on the hayride with my brothers Nathan and Jason and my soon to be sister-in-law Angie. We had a blast. It was really dark and the woods were thick so we were really surprised a lot by people jumping out and the awesome machines they had to scare us as well. I highly recommend it if you don't have little ones to take with you. It's only $5 and they do have a non scary version that is more kid friendly.

Grace seems to be a happier baby now a days. She still has the normal fussy moments, but I really think cutting out the dairy and getting her adjusted has made a big difference. I'm also learning that it's ok to not have all the answers and relax more. I need to be thankful for every day for a healthy baby.

We're having out October Women of Walker Farms' meeting at our house tonight!!! We're playing some fun games and eating good fall yummies....I can't wait!

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