October 18, 2008

3 outfits and counting

Grace is making all the effort we put into installing a utility sink in the laundry room all worth it. She is now on her third outfit today. She woke up this morning and ate and then I got her all changed and socks on, turn my head to grab a bib and up came a lot of breakfast! She soaked two shirts and even creeped to her back cause she was laying down so there was no leaving that outfit on her.

So we get changed she napped really well and ok up for lunch and was gassy, but no biggy. I'm burping her for awhile cause she was hinting that she had more in her and then I hear the powerful release of gas and a see a huge smile. So, I continue burping her and chatting with her thinking there might be more. There wasn't after a few minutes so I put her on the changing table and there was definately no more it was ALL there. She totally had a blow out...I'm not sure any diaper would have held what she had coming! All I have to say is that she MUST get that from her dad!

I'm really glad that I bought a 4-pack of long sleeve onsies! So we're gonna see how long this outfit makes it.

I wanted to show how much she's changed in 3 short months.

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