October 4, 2008

3 months & rolling

I finally figured out an easier way to get this video on here via Picassa since Blogger and Picassa are Gmail programs that are totally easy to transfer within...who would've thought!

This is last Sunday after church. I got her all dressed up and then she slept through all of church which is a blessing for us, but I didn't get to show off one of the few dresses that I've actually bought for her because I've been given so many.

She is doing much better this weekend. Each day this week she hasn't gotten better at night. We went to the doctor on Thursday and she weighed 10 lb 12 oz! The doctor is so impressed with her weight gain and how alert she is. She said that she looks fine so the fussiness and screaming in the evening is simply the infamous Colic. She slept a lot today so hopefully on the other side of this growth spurt will be a happier baby!

Below are pictures from this week. I can't believe she is already 3 months old! She looks small to you all but she is huge in my eyes. She is cooing a lot more which is really fun. Matt heard her for the first time Friday and said, "that's cool I didn't know she could do that!" I laughed inside thinking, well she is human! He is still head over heals for her. It is so precious. He loves taking pictures of her and talking to her. She always looks around for him when she hears his voice. She loves for him to rock her to sleep also, which is nice for me so I can have a break.

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  1. so cute! i think maia has those same black pants from target....