September 30, 2008

my bad

As soon as I can get the video to upload I have an adorable video of her rolling from her stomach to her back. Please pray for us and her. She is having a really hard time about 7 or 7:30 each night with crying and screaming. I'm calling in the morning to see about letting her have some cereal to see if that helps and she will continue minor treatments with our friend a chiropractor to see if that helps as well.

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  1. Isaac cried every night from 7 till 7 or 8:30 pm. There was nothing we could do but bounce him around. I know how it is. I never did figure out what it was, but it ended about 3 months or 4 months old, I think. Hard to remember. I will pray for you.
    Maia is growing. She's almost 5 weeks now! She's had a cold for 2 and a half weeks. She is mostly recovered but her little sinuses are still stuffed. It is no fun. Other than that, weight gain has happened and she is cuter every day!