August 5, 2008

she's packing it on

We went to the doctor yesterday for her 1 month appointment and she had gained 12 oz in 5 days! She is now 6 lb 8 oz!!! I am so proud of her. They told her she needed to continue to gain weight and she listened. She is doing very well. She has her moments of not being patient....wouldn't know where she gets that from...but other than that she is still a great baby.

Grace and I are spending the night tonight at my college friend Danette's house. She is from a small town near my college and the education department is having an alumni brunch in the morning that Danette and I have been wanting to go for a few years now and haven't had the chance to. It was sad to leave Matt at home, but he fed her her bottle right before we went and have her lots of kisses to hold her over til tomorrow evening.

We'll be headed to Muncie this weekend so the whole crew can meet Grace and my mom can sufficate her with hugs and kisses!

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  1. I hope your weekend in Muncie goes well. Say hi to all the family for me!