August 15, 2008

I love this job!

I am thoroughly enjoying being a mommy. Yeah it's not always fun, but man looking at her and seeing her smile or satisfied when her belly is full makes it all worth it. She is really doing great. We're on a 4 hour schedule now (except last night) and she is fitting into some newborn outfits. This is good for me so I don't have to do so much laundry. This opens up her fashion options!

I am going to add a lot of pictures today and promise to blog more often. We've been getting things done around the house (MY UTILITY SINK IS FINALLY IN!!!!). We also have been walking with my brother and his fiance through the death of her stepfather this week. The funeral was Wednesday and not easy to go through, but it was a very good and positive time for the family. My brother's fiance, Angie, did a wonderful job speaking about Lynn and stayed very strong. Grace went with us to help put smiles on their faces.

This is her birth announcment...I love it! Erin Hawkins designed it and Rachel Nord took the pictures...I just went to CVS and pushed print!!!

Below is a slide show from the hospital to her 1 month photo shoot for her announcement.

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