August 17, 2008

another newborn night

We had a lot of fun at our small group leader's house last night but it ended with a bang! Grace woke up about an hour earlier than expected and was hungry, which is fine, but she wouldn't eat a full meal. She was also wide awake and no where close to being ready to go back to was 10pm. So, I knew that she would eventually where herself out and konk out...nope...she got hungry again at 11 and needed to be fed again. I thought for sure now that she's had two full meals two hours apart she will surely konk out so we can drive home and hit the hay....nope....she was wide awake and fussing every few minutes or so. We get in the car and I think again surely she'll konk out and I'll put her to bed for a stretch of several hours...nope. She was wide awake!

At 12:30 she had a snack and finally konked out after a screaming time and a very exhausting time of trying to figure out how to hold her so she would be happy. I laid my head down on my pillow thinking surely I'll get some good sleep now.....NOPE! She fussed for a little while and then finally fell asleep....then woke me up at 3:30...which is decent but still not her 4-5 hours she's been doing. So she ate and fussed for a long time, but I just let her cry it out. At 4:30 she had woken back up after what I thought to be the last time before a night's rest and was livid.

So I went in and got her and finally got her settled down and decided to go down stairs and make a bottle and let her lay on me to keep her comforted...we woke up at 8:45! She is doing much better now and has taken a bath and somewhat back on schedule. Just when you think you have them figured realize NOPE!

Here are some photos from bath time and getting dressed just a minute ago...she is changing so much and getting so big. She's now in newborn clothes! The picture with the outfits all around her is for my gpa who gave her some money to get something fun...she needs warm clothes for winter since I kept 3-6 months size for winter thinking she would be a bigger baby. The picture makes the clothes look so big, but they are only 0-3 month size and not really that big in person compared to her.

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  1. She just wanted to play the games too. If only it were that easy, eh? Get some rest... and let me know if there is anything I can do.