August 22, 2008

she is my child

Even though she doesn't look like me yet, I've discovered she is definately my child. She has been really stubborn lately about transitioning from the shield. I think it is a battle of the wills of who is going to be more patient and relax. I also really needed her to sleep a long stretch last night because I had had a long day and needed some major sleep so I put her on her stomach and she slept for 4.5 hours straight!!! I loved sleeping on my stomach all of my life until I got pregnant and was forced not and can't seem to get back to it yet. So I now know that she really is my child!

We're taking it easy today and not going anywhere. I'll be reading "THE SHACK" off and on. It is an awesome book that our pastor recommended and I want all of you to read it. It is a quick read and VERY good.

We're going to do some babysitting tonight for the Rice's around the corner. They have 5 children and Matt and I will have 4 of them for a few hours. I am so excited because they are such good kids and very well mannered. They LOVE Grace. They keep her occupied when she's awake and stay quiet when she's's so precious... they have lots of practice since the youngest in their family is only 6 months old.


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