August 25, 2008

blow out day!!!

I hadn't had a blowout yet to date,but don't you worry I got one today. I sat her up after feeding and burping her and she was so happy then she got a serious look on her face and then boom! She let a huge one...I knew it came with a surprise but I had no idea til I changed her that I was a big suprise. She had a cute sundress on that needless to say had to be taken off and thrown in the utility sink to soak!

She had a lot of dirty diapers today but this by far was the biggest and funniest to me. She was so serious for the few seconds before and then just so happy afterwards.

I'm adding some new photos of her for your viewing pleasure. She is getting so big and chubby. I'm still working on uploading the video we have. It's more of how to work the software for the camera not how to upload it.

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