August 26, 2008

another blowout

(This is after a long day of filling diapers!)

Ok, so I'm thinking we need to switch from the newborn size and/or see if these Seventh Generation diapers are going to work out for our little tooter! She had a big blowout this time. It went out both legs and up the back! I know TMI, but holy cow! I had a cute little onsie on her with little blue jean shorts too, bummer dude!

We checked out Whole Foods yesterday and spent way too much money! We loved it but went overboard because it was our first time and it's all the way at Clay Terrace which is about 20-25 minutes for us. We're really trying to eat better and more organically. I've rearranged our budget so we can do so.

I am trying to stay home more these next few weeks to help establish a more firm routine for Grace since she is now awake more often. After the 9am feeding we get dressed and go on about an hour walk and she naps. By the time we get back she is ready to get up or sleeps for a little while longer. I get a shower and we have play time. She eats around noon and we have a play time and off to sleep again. At the 3 pm feeding she is usually awake and wanting to stay up til the 6 feeding so I do my best to entertain her and keep her going so that she can crash for a little while after the 6pm feeding. She is usually awake sometime between the 6 and 9 pm feedings and hanging out with us and then really ready to eat around 9 or 10 and ready to hit the hay.

She has times where she likes to eat two meals before she does a long 4-5 hour stretch. So if this is the case she'll eat at about 9 or 9:30 and then again at 10:30 or 11 give or take. Then she is good for around 4 hours. Some nights it's a little less than 4 and sometimes it's more like 5. Then we're usually back to a 3 to 4 hour schedule again til morning. Some nights this is a great schedule cause I go to bed right after her 9/10 pm feeding and other nights it's not because I stupidly stay up til 11 or midnight getting things done and then only get a few hours before she's up again.

She will be 8 weeks old on Thursday! I can't believe it's gone so fast already. She should be around 8 or 9 lbs....I won't know until we go to the doctor on Sept 4th, but I'm thinking that should be about right. If that is the case I assume she will really start to begin staying awake more often and sleeping a little more at night....but like I've said before just when I think I've got her figured out she throws a curve ball!

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