August 1, 2008

bummer day

Yeah so much for hanging out as a family. We got up this morning and I got Grace fed and changed and came down stairs to Matt telling me he had already thrown up. He said he felt much better and ate some breakfast....about an hour later breakfast came up....

We all took a nap downstairs thinking that would brighten the day. Then Grace woke up screaming. She wouldn't nurse and would calm down for about a minute before she would rare up again so we had to get her a bottle. She then conked out and woke up about an hour and half later wanting to eat again! She is definately going through a growth spurt. She's been so hungry and when she's hungry she wants it right then.

So I've been stuck in my pj's feeding and cleaning all day bummed I didn't get to spend the day as a family and maybe get out of the house and do something fun....I know you're all saying "welcome to motherhood."

I do have some good food on the way from the McClures and I have yummy cookies that were sent my way last night. So it's not a total bad day just not what I expected.

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