August 1, 2008

first time parents in action....

Yeah so these "late nights" were simply she needed to eat a snack!!! We totally narrowed it down to a specific hour that she is miserable and nursed her and whola she's happy and sleeping til the next feeding....what a concept!

We were trying to console her and do all the tricks and feed her as a last resort not realizing that is why she was so distraught. I thought for sure it was gas, but no all she needed was some more food...I can totally relate. Yeah that whole cluster feeding that I ignored in breastfeeding class probably would have been good to pay attention to.

And I said in my last blog that the quiet baby is gone about half the time that isn't the case at all any more. She is back to her quiet sweet self now that mommy has figured out she needs more food!

We went to the doctor on Wednesday and she is doing so great. She now weighs 5lb 12 oz!!! The pediatrician was so pleased with this weight gain. This was a gain of 10 oz in 6 days! That is so much better than last week. She said to keep doing what we're doing and she isn't worried about her weight anymore. We will now just go in for her normal monthly checkups or whatever that normal schedule is.

Matt took today off since he has been swamped the last few weeks and has had to work such late hours. I am excited to get to hang with him and allow him time to hang out with Grace. So in honor of his day off her bib says "I Love Daddy". Yeah bibs are still pretty big for her!

P.S. I have some amazing friends who are helping me put together an awesome announcement to send to out...should be done in the next few days


  1. great news! i am so glad to hear she is having a happier time! that means you are too!
    We've got only 4 weeks. I can't believe it. mom and dad said grandpa and fran are going to drive out here right when baby is due. he might get to see his next great grandkid!

  2. Oh how I can relate. I had read Baby Wise and was really stressed about Maegan's eating habits (I'm going back 5 years :)....I remember Maegan just screaming at house church and the other nursing moms telling me just to nurse her. I tried to hold out because I thought she had gas and it would make it worse (so I'd nurse her and she'd stop crying). But, sometimes it was gas...none of us really know what we are doing :)!