July 29, 2008

reality is here!

This weekend Grace discovered gas, spitup, and eye gook. We've a long last few days. We thought she might be sick after the day and night we had Saturday, but we discovered it's just gas and the normal newborn stage. The nice and peaceful 24/7 premie stage is now gone about half of the time. She is much more awake, which is awesome to get to hang out with her and chat about life, but the late nights dealing with gas are not so fun hang out time!

I got some Mylicon from a neighbor and Gripe Water from CVS today so now I have some ammunition. I feel so bad for her when she wakes up and can't get rid of it or it surprises her. Most of the time she eats fine, but there have been some times that she has woken up so distraught by the gas that she has had to have a bottle because she won't calm down and be patient enough to nurse...not my first choice but I know that it's totally fine and she gets immediate relief when she starts taking the bottle.

I finally made myself take a nap today after about four days of always finding things to do during the times I should've been laying down. It's definitely much better to listen to your body and just LAY DOWN! I am so hard headed though and stubborn. I am still coming to grips with letting things be dirty for awhile and laying down and not doing anything vs getting little things done that can wait. For all of you that have told me to take it easy...I'm getting the message..just taking me longer.

We go to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she is around 5 1/2 lbs or of last Thursday she was 5 lbs 2 oz.

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