July 23, 2008

late night

Yeah so about this being so great and easy....I spoke too soon! I was up til about 3 last night trying to get her calmed down and figure out what was wrong. She couldn't be consoled, fed, or kept happy for very long. I finally came downstairs and let her sleep with me on the couch. The only place I could get her to settle down eventually was on my chest. This only worked after about 2 hours of it not working.

I really don't know what was wrong at it got very tiring trying to get her to settle down. She finally ate at 2 and 4:30 instead of 12 and 3, but didn't think that was even going to happen after the time I had. Then Matt came down for the 6am feeding and informed me that he wouldn't have time to cause he had to be at work at 7, so I didn't actually get good sleep til after that feeding. Needless to say, I am tired and exhausted and hoping that today goes much better. She of course has totally recovered and is her sweet quiet self again snoozing away in the playard after getting a full belly at 9....not that I'm bitter or not happy that she is doing much better it will just take me longer to recover.

If you think of me today or tonight pray that I get some good sleep and we have a peaceful night.

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  1. ok...definitely will pray for you two tonight. Sometimes you just can't figure it out. She might be hitting a little growth spurt and just feels hungry no matter what. It might help to increase the frequency of feedings during the day for a while to see what happens. A lot of times you never can figure it out. Isaac used to cry for an hour every night for his first few months. we never figured it out. The only thing that soothed him a little was daddy's deep low humming and laying on one of our chests while loud humming happens.