July 9, 2008


So we set up a plan today with the doctors that will help her gain that weight she needs so we can go home. The plan is to let her nurse as much as she can and then feed her either a half a meal or a full one through the feeding tube adding in a little bit of Neosure (a similac product) to help build up some calories....she was weighed tonight and she gained 100 grams!!! (I did find out that they didn't weigh the IV wrist thing before they through it away to see how much it weighed so it would be added back to her weight) Last night she was 4lbs 4.8oz and tonight she is 4lb 5.1 oz.
Any weight gain is huge because as of last night she was down 11% from her birth weight which is a lot for a premie.

We are so thankful for the weight gain and the doctors' working together with me to come up with a plan. We had several ideas and we came to a conclusion that works for both Grace and I is best for her growth.

Below is Napes a roommate from college that was in an earlier picture in her football uniform. We were roomies in college and played softball together. She kept telling me that I was having twins and I just didn't know it and they would both have red glad she is wrong on the twins part of it.

This is of Grace sleeping so soundly today on her boppy...I just realized how red her hair looks in this picture. That is so weird in person it looks completely brown....hmm maybe she will be a red head like her dad.

Thank you again for all your prayers...they're working! Off to sleep so I can gear up for night time feedings!!!

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