July 10, 2008

1 week old!

Our baby girl is one week old today. I put her first onsie on her that Matt's mom sent for her and put her on the boppy pillow. This puts into perspective just how small she is. This onsie is a little big and it's a premie size.

Last night the nurse and I decided that the feeding tube plan wasn't working. Because she wasn't nursing that well she was realizing that even if she didn't nurse she would still get a full belly because of the tube, so I asked if we could try bottles instead so she is doing work for the food and builds up her drive to eat. We tried this and she did great. A MUCH better night than the night before.

Today she had an awesome day. The lactation consultant came in this morning to help me get some more tips to get her back to feeding as well as she was. She totally latched on well and fed all day very well today. Her 12noon feeding she just needed half a feeding supplement, the 3pm feeding were gone so she took a bottle, and the 6&9pm feedings she fed awesome and didn't need a bottle. So tonight at the 3am feeding we'll do a bottle feeding so she can have her second supplement feeding for the day. I am so proud of how hard she is working. It is very tiring for premies to breastfeed and she continues to show us how strong she is.

It is Matt and I's fourth anniversary so we wanted to get out and celebrate. Today's nurse is the one that is our favorite and we've had the most. We asked her if she would mind us missing a feeding to take a break and she was so happy cause that meant she would get to hang out with her. It put us at ease about leaving for awhile cause we knew that she would be spoiled while we were gone! While we were walking in the mall we both had times where we said to each other, "I wonder how she's doing? Do you think she is feeding well on the bottle for her?" When we got back she of course told us that she did awesome and we had nothing to worry about cause she was completely out and not moving a muscle she was so satisfied with her feeding.

We went out tonight in between feedings for dinner. We wanted to go to PF Chang's but the wait was too long. Unfortunately we had to end up at Cheesecake Factory. It was tough but we made it through. I was forced to order my favorite meal...Chicken Alfredo. I was also coerced into getting the Godiva cheesecake. It was painful but I made it through! It was a real treat to get to hang out with Matt and celebrate our four years of marriage. I am blessed to have him as a husband and a father for Grace. He has really stepped up to make sure that both of us are taken care of and doing well. He has said many times that he's in trouble because whenever he looks at her or holds her he melts. She is already daddy's little princess!

We did ask the nurse today what she thought our time frame was about going home and she thought that Sunday would be the latest. She was hinting towards Saturday which has been our feeling today, but they don't like to tell you a day so that if it doesn't happen you're not upset. They do tell you a day in advance so you can prepare, so hopefully we get that word tomorrow or Saturday.

Part of our departure plan has been that she will need a calcium/calorie supplement mixed with two bottle feedings a day and Matt graciously offered to do one of those during the middle of the night so I can get more rest! While we're here he is going to do the 3am one and at home he'll do the 6am one to get him out of bed early and be up in plenty of time to get ready for work so I can sleep in! She needs this supplement until she is 10-12 lbs since she would have been getting the calcium invetro the last few weeks. This should help me with not getting so exhausted feeding her every 3 hours. I am so happy that we will go home on a schedule. I know that this can and will change but so nice to already have her used to one is so good for my OCD tendencies.

I am getting lots of encouraging emails and phone calls that are making this experience and time in our life that much more special. We're so thankful for all of you no matter how we're connected just know that we're thanking God for you each day.


  1. I'm glad you two were able to get out and that Grace is staying strong and eating so well over the past week. She'll continue to amaze you, I'm sure of it. I can guarantee she has the genetic determination from both you and Matt.


  2. Mike & I just returned from Canada last night. We are so happy to hear Grace is doing so well! We hope you are all able to go home together today. She's really beautiful. Thanks for posting so many pics! We love our new niece/cousin Grace!