July 11, 2008

We're going home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had another great night of feeding and she gained 45 grams. They weighed her three times cause they couldn't believe it. Ten grams is decent, 30 is awesome, so 45 is totally awesome! God is so good! She is sleeping a little more today. I think it's her way of making up for lost time. Since her first few days were so chaotic and she was interrupted a lot. Now they only come in and check her about 3 times a day when she's already up and alert.

We are so stoked about getting her unattached from machines and taking her home! We have a good friend Rebecca who has set up meals for us for the next 5 weeks! She is awesome and all those bringing us yummy food are such a blessing!!!

There will be tons of pics tomorrow as we take her home. Have a great Friday!

This is her in her car seat test. She just has to sit in it for an hour while they watch her vitals to make sure that she breaths fine and all that in it.

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  1. She looks like she is smiling in the car seat photo.