June 7, 2008


So they say it's normal, but it sure isn't fun. I know that this is another way for God to tell me that I need to take it easy and GET OFF MY FEET!! I'm getting the point and taking it easy. The only weird thing is that my left hand has now begun to swell as well. It makes it difficult to write and do a lot things that require me to use a lot of force or weight.

I did go to the doctor Wednesday and she said that she is measuring right on time. Her heartbeat sounded great and she is head down. She is definitely still kicking strong!

Each day I get more and more excited that she is coming into our lives. I am so excited to see what she looks like and just hold her. Then there are days when I get nervous about the labor and afraid I won't know what to do when she gets here. Either way she's coming in about 7 weeks or so!!!

I promise to take pictures of her room very soon. We're getting her glider in the next few days that will complete the room except for some handmade pictures that are still being prepared and some writing that will be painted by a friend in the next few weeks.

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