June 17, 2008

34 weeks

A lot has been going on in the last few weeks. I have defiantly been seeing a lot of changes in my stamina and how I am carrying her. She is much heavier and making me much sleepier during the day. We celebrated Matt's bday this weekend along with one of our small group friends Paul who's birthday was two days before Matt's at their house.
The latest picture of us is now my profile picture. I surprised Matt with speakers and a receiever for his birthday. He has really been wanting to get a new system since our old one wouldn't fit in our new entertainment center and was his brother's from college (his brother is in his mid 30's). He was so shocked that I pulled it off. He had left the websites on my computer a few weeks ago for me to see the ones he liked that he was dreaming about and I just happened to save the pages...once again proving that girls are always one step ahead of guys. No really I did some major lieing and telling him that it was too much and I didn't want to ask our families to pitch now when they've done so much for us for Grace,etc and he bought it all! I had ESL money that he didn't realize was coming this week and our families were more than happy to pitch in so it was a great set up!

For Father's Day, I got him a Purdue receiving blanket and two daddy books to read to Grace. I am so excited for her to get to bond with him. He is so proud to be having a girl and be a daddy.

My brother Jason is staying with us for the summer along with his dog Jazmin. Bailey and her are the best of friends and look just alike. We are now training Bailey with a shock collar to stop the barking at the door. She is doing great after only 3 days. She doesn't even have to be shocked we can just do the warning beep and she goes away from the door! I had book club at my house yesterday and she got to stay downstairs and with us the whole time while they came in and didn't jump on anyone!!!

I had my last baby shower last weekend at my house. It was a lot of fun and Grace got another bundle of great gifts. I am so excited to get to use all her new stuff. She has a great collection of clothes and books!

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