June 17, 2008

her room

It's not all the way done yet, but I wanted to get some pictures up here anyway. I am still waiting on the glider to arrive from my sister-in-law's house via a friend of hers that is moved to Indy last weekend. The wall with the small book shelves and lamp is going to have the modern bird art canvases on it. I have a teacher friend who is working on those now. They will be made out of scrapbook paper and will be different types of bird cut outs with fun and contrasting backgrounds. As you can see her closet is fully stocked. Above the door an art teacher friend is going to paint a saying or verse for me I just have to decide which one.
I made her curtains and then finally figured out how to make button holes in the tops so I could run ribbon through. I found ribbon with birds on it for a dollar a roll at JoAnn's! You can't tell but the curtains are pink stripes and were used to make the bottom of the bed skirt as well. I had a lady make it for me because you can only have one panel hanging down because of the way the bed frame is and I wasn't going to pay Pottery Barn's price for a skirt that would be tucked in on three sides. My favorite part of the bedding is the sheets which are also hard to see but they are birds on branches. I am going to cherish the quilt as well. I am going to have it and a pillow sham embroidered with her name on it at some point.
Her initials are hanging to the left of the closet with a matching bird night light. Her bins, bumper and a few dresses are the only purchases I've made. The rest has been bought or given to me. I AM SO THANKFUL for it all and just get to happy every time I walk into her room. You ALL are going to be a part of her life and that just makes me so happy!


  1. Wow! Where are you getting all this energy. You did an awesome job on the nursury, I could never be that creative :)
    Most excellent job with Kids Games!! It was a total blast :)

  2. You are so creative. Eva and I are really impressed! Good job!!! I am just now making diapers for our baby. It's the first thing I am doing for her, besides taking prenatals! I'll make her a cute chenille patchwork quilt though, but that's after the diapers! Next is finding a scrapbook for the baby book.