June 29, 2008

Lori's wedding (35.5 weeks)

Grace and I had an awesome time being in Lori's wedding. I did pretty good til about the start of the wedding and then my back was killing me, but I knew I could stand strong and make it through. It was an evening wedding so we had been up since 8 am up til 1am the night before. I had a blast and would have been so bummed to have missed it so it was worth all the back pain and swelling. I'm so glad we got our toes done because that is the only thing cute about them now. They are getting pretty swollen during the day unless I prop them up for about an hour or take a nap. Hence I need to be doing more of this!

It was so great to hang out with all the bridesmaids. I got to see Emily from PA that is a dear friend of mine that I don't get to see very often. She and I made sure that Lori was well prepared for the honeymoon. They're going to Disney World!!!

One of the funny things that happened during the ceremony was the flower girl went back up the aisle about three times before she made her final debut because she got really nervous cause everyone was looking at her. She was awesome all day and so excited but once she took one look at the aisle and all the people she just froze. She eventually made it down and ran to her dad, but it was very funny to see her keep going back to the door and think about it. Lori had no clue this was going on cause she was around the corner waiting her dad and having conversation about getting married. She was so precious. She got nervous and it all hit her about 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony just like me. We both did great all day and then we both had the same thing happen we asked what time it was and realized that it was really happening and got totally emotional.

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  1. You look gorgeous! I was in my brother Danny's wedding only 3 days before Saraiah was born. My varicose veins were killing me and I was really swollen, but it was SO much fun to get to be in it!
    I know how it is!