June 2, 2008

baby shower (32 weeks )

I had another fun baby shower this Sunday. Matt's mom and my sister in law flew in. My mom came from Muncie and I got to see friends from both out of town and close by that I haven't seen in a while. I was so happy to receive all that great items for Grace and I. We are really set now and I still have another shower to go!

I went to day to use my gift certificate and make some exchanges and realized that I have to get off my feet more often. I am really starting to feel the swelling in my feet and ankles. It was pretty hot today so I am assuming that was some of it, but it wasn't fun cutting my shopping short because of it. I will definitely be getting off my feet more often.

She is still kicking away. I'm shocked at how active she is. The doctor did say that it will slow down after week 32 so that is a bummer, but know that means she is coming soon!

The community cookout was a huge success Saturday! I had a lot of people say they had fun and the kids LOVED the obstacle course and a lot went to the pool to cool off afterwards. Thank you to all that were involved. GO WOMEN OF WALKER FARMS!!!

Kids Games is in two weeks so now my focus is on volunteers, training and the logistics of the week! My life has calmed way down and will be way calmer after Kids Games....I promise!

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