May 22, 2008

getting more tired (30.5 weeks)

I am definatly feeling the fatigue now. I can't really make it through the afternoon without yawning a lot and propping my feet up. I try to take a nap whenever I can. With school getting out this week and next I will have much more time to do so since I won't be subbing anymore. My ESL student leaves for Costa Rica for two months so I won't have those classes as well. I've already got my softball postponed til after Grace comes as well! So my schedule is slowing down just about the right time...that doesn't usually happen, but I'm pretty sure God has had His hand in it all along.

I want to thank you for all of you who are a constant encouragement and always telling me that I look good and always making sure I'm doing ok even when I say I'm fine. We went to the doctor yesterday and she said that she is measuring right on time! She also said that my weight is I don't like the number but it's where it should be. I'm at about 22 lbs now. I am still walking as much as I can as well as doing my back and arm exercises to keep myself in shape if at all possible.

P.S. Grace's room is almost done. It's now painted, curtains are up and some of the wall hangings are in place. I'll take pictures soon...I want to get a few more things up before I make the debut.

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