May 6, 2008

baby shower (28 weeks)

Saturday my mom and Geneva (youth pastor's wife from HS) threw a shower for me in Muncie. I was so excited to get back there to see everyone. There are pictures, but of course I didn't charge my camera before we went and so my mom had to take them and will send them as soon as she can. Anyway, baby Grace got VERY cute dresses, shoes, sleepers, teethers, diaper bag, hats, and the play mat that I was so anxious to see if I would get!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who came and bought her something. This child is so blessed with a huge amount of people that love her and want to see the best for her and it is so comforting knowing that as her mother.

I am continuing to put her room together. I made her curtains yesterday and her wall hangings. When I get the room painted I will take some pictures so it makes more sense color wise. I am imitating the Pottery Barn Kids room that her bedding is in at a much cheaper price!

I am definately starting to feel a lot more pregnant! I am much more tired and worn out by the end of the day. I haven't been wearing my belly band as much and I get can tell it in my back. I'm making it a point to put it on each morning as I get up to help out. I am 28 weeks today and see the doctor tomorrow. From this point forward I will go every two weeks and then once a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like it is just around the corner!

We were in Grace's room Sunday putting away all her new things and Matt sat for a second and said, "she's going to be here in just three months!" with really big eyes. I think it really hit him how soon she's coming. I talk a lot about her but seeing more and more of her room come together and making arrangements for her each week has helped to make it all real. He's very excited but at the same time like WOW she's coming!

We start our prenatal classes next Tuesday night...JOY! We're doing the crash course so we only have to go for two Tuesdays and then we're taking the one evening breastfeeding course. Let the fun begin!


  1. Is that your mom next to aunt pam? i can't recognize her! You look so cute~!

  2. Sounds like life is calming down a little for you. Same for me. Mid june is when summer stuff starts for us, which I am excited for. Life will be lots more relaxed. I am 26 weeks along now. We had a preterm labor scare this week, so I am taking it easier and drinking lots of water. I guess my body is more sensitive when it's on its sixth pregnancy. I am glad you are able to rest a little and enjoy this last stretch of pregnancy. I know it's hard for me to believe this is the last time I'll have a baby move inside. No more being pregnant or nursing after this one. It is a sweet time. You're going to love it!!!
    Angie (your cousin!)