April 25, 2008

lesson learned

Yeah, so once again God taught me a lesson on worrying too much. I should've learned by now that getting all worked about things isn't what He would have for me, but yet again I tried to do it on my own. The whole bedding issue...I prayed and went to Pottery Barn Kids and asked about getting on a waiting list for when a new stock comes in. They put me on a list here in Indy for the bumper. Then I called the Houston stores since Matt's parents live there and his mom will be visiting May30th and got on their waiting lists for the quilt and skirt. I just asked God that if it was meant to be they would call. I seriously was nervous that they wouldn't call and I would have to redo my whole theme, but I knew that I needed to let go of the issue and give it to Him.

All three stores called within 48 hours and told me they had each piece that I needed! (I realized after the one store called that I can't really use a skirt because of the way the framing is on the her bed..wasted worrying again) I was so thankful but really did have a talk with God because I knew that even if they didn't come I still needed to be taught a lesson on being patient and not getting so worked up about things. I'm really glad that we're naming her Grace because there are so many ways that I need to learn about grace. I need to know that His grace is all that I need and that I need to show grace as well. I just bought the book "What's so amazing about grace?" by Philip Yancy today. I totally need to soak it up!

We're both still doing good. I've started to sleep a little better because I'm much more tired. I've also realized and been told by my body that it's time to start settling down sooner during the day. I am such a task oriented person that it's hard some days but I know that it is best for both of us. Yeah, I know it goes along with the whole being PATIENT theme I can't seem to get through my head! I will get it sooner or later.

If you would keep me in your prayers the next few months are busy with me coordinating Kids Games at church (a week long VBS/sports camp) in June, running Women of Walker Farms, coordinating a neighborhood cookout & rummage sale, subbing here and there, coaching softball pitching lessons,teaching English as a second language, babysitting randomly, and trying to read as many baby advice books as possible. I know some of you think I'm crazy and I AM, but it will all calm down once the end of June gets here and I will only be coaching softball lessons for 2 hours a week and doing the ESL lessons til the end of August...then I'm mother bound when she decides to come around...I plan to REALLY take it easy right after she comes and say no more often til I know what's best for the both of us.

I don't say any of that to make those people that I work with/for feel bad. I LOVE DOING ALL OF IT...I just need to take each day as it comes and not get so worked up about it because if I accomplish a short list each day it won't all add up at once.

I feel really blessed to be where I am today. God has placed me in a great neighborhood and church where I get to do all the things I've wanted to do. I can't tell you what a joy it is to work with women, coach a sport I love, and work with children on a weekly basis. Those are my three top choices of things to do and I get to do all of them and begin my own family. I've had a lot of things get me to this point and I'm so thankful for all the lessons I needed to be taught along the way. I thought I was ready for a lot of this coming right out of college and was shown that I had a lot of growing up to do as well as learning how to be more independent. Can't say that I enjoyed the circumstances that came my way to get those things across, but having gone through them know exactly why they happened and the timing of them was just what God wanted for me.

I have definately blabbered enough tonight. This has been my winding down time from a long week that I should've taken slower and calmer...I'm getting there. Thanks for reading all the way through...totally understand if you didn't...kinda wondering how I got going on all that I did myself!

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