April 22, 2008


Ok, so I'm totally aware that I need to transition into Grace being here, but why do I have to transition my SLEEP!!! This is not fun waking up 4 times a night and not staying sound asleep. I know that I need to accept it and just get used to it, but it's hard. I find myself trying to go to bed later just so I can be really tired so I know I can fall asleep in under an hour. I know that this is totally normal and all of you with kids are just shaking your heads cause it only gets worse once they get here, but man this is tough for someone who loves to sleep!

I'm off my soapbox....things are going good. She is kicking much stronger now and very active all throughout the day. I think it is really sinking in that she's coming and I am going to be a full time mom. I don't know if that sounded right but it's hitting me that it will be a completely different from all the babysitting I've done. I'm totally excited about it and nervous all at the same time.

Her room is just about set. I literally just need her bedding and changing table covers. I am getting a little nervous because I picked out a print of bedding that Pottery Barn is calling a seasonal item and some of the things are on back order, so I'm hoping that it all works out cause I really like that set and I've based a lot of things off of it.

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