April 13, 2008

wedding shower

Baby Grace and I went to a wedding shower for Lori yesterday in Goshen. We (Grace and I) will be in the wedding June 27th! That's right I will be about 4 weeks from my due date. Lori is a great friend of mine from college. We played softball together and have many great memories from playing on "The Team." She is marrying Ryan and they will leave even closer to us then. Their house is about 10 minutes from EDINBURGH OUTLETS!!!! I'm so jealous but a great way to meet up with her and go shopping. In the picture she is holding a pregnancy test. Emily sent her a box of goodies for the honeymoon and she was was great because it is very hard to get Lori like that.

This is a picture of Emily wearing Lori's bridesmaid's dress. Grace and I will be wearing a similar version of it. Emily is another great friend from college who is also in the wedding. She and I were roommates our freshman year and she played softball as well. The sad thing about her is that she moved back to Pennsylvania to get married. But we will get to see her at the wedding and then this fall she is coming out to see Grace and Lori's new house....we MIGHT stop by EDINBURGH OUTLETS.


  1. Since Pottery Barn Kids is sooo expensive why don't you check out this bedding that not so pricey?

    Just a thought.

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  3. Awww, I'm so glad I made your blog. Thanks! It's not the best picture of me, but thats ok, I love you and I'm glad you included me. I love the blog idea, it helps keep me in the loop even being 600 miles away. Looking forward to June when I get to see your baby belly and then I'll be looking forward to the fall when I get to hold your precious daughter.