August 11, 2013

Here we go!!!!

I'm set, the room is set, and now I just have to sleep, wake up earlier for my new routine, get a quiet time in, a shower, make the crew breakfast, get them dressed and ready for the day, go over expectations and all the new things we've put up and what things mean, dive into our Creation Unit and try and cover the first day of it by lunch time :) :) NO PROBLEM!!! I'm totally gonna need God throughout this WHOLE journey of homeschooling. THIS AINT GONNA BE EASY!!! This crew of kids is amazing and I love them to pieces, but they are a crew who at 5, 3.5, and 15months. They have tons of energy and quirks. I still can't believe we're really doing this and I'm sitting here the night before it all begins like it's Christmas Eve or something so excited and anxious about tomorrow. I'm wondering do I have it all figured out, is it all ready? That's just it I can't have it all in place or right cause there is no room for God. Here is a video I keep playing over and over in the last few weeks. Tim Timmons is my new favorite and his story is amazing. Just touches so much that God wants me to cast my care on Him because He loves me. No matter how this year goes, may I always remember He loves me and is right there when I need Him.

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